TURTLE – A Revolutionary Submarine

TURTLE  A Revolutionary Submarine George Pararas-Carayannis A CHAPTER of early American maritime history that has often been overlooked is that of early submarines and, in particular, the story of the first American submarine in the War of Independence in 1776, with the American Revolution in full swing.  She was called Turtle and was designed by […]

PUBLICATIONS, ARTICLES, REPORTS, MONOGRAMS & BOOKS by Dr. George Pararas-Carayannis (Partial Listing)

PUBLICATIONS, ARTICLES, REPORTS, MONOGRAMS & BOOKS By: GEORGE PARARAS-CARAYANNIS (Partial Listing) 1959 – 1965 Pararas-Carayannis George, 1959. The Crystal Field Theory, Research Report, M.S Program, Chemistry, Roosevelt Univ., Chicago , Dec. 1959 Pararas-Carayannis George,1960. Electrolysis of the Azide Ion, Research Report, Roosevelt Univ., Chicago, 1960 Pararas-Carayannis George,1961. On the Thermodynamic States of Helium ,Research Report in partial fulfillment […]