Welcome to my website. My name is George Pararas-Carayannis. The Disaster Pages provide a wealth of educational and scientific information regarding recent and historical, global and regional destructive tsunamis, devastating earthquakes, deadly volcanic eruptions (like Krakatoa), killer hurricanes and hurricane surges and man-made disasters. To complete these comprehensive Disaster Pages, the additional major categories of Climate Change, Ocean Governance, Ocean Sustainability, and Disaster Archaeology have been added. To facilitate review and searches of certain topics, included on the left top corner of each page, is a Navigation Guide that links to a General Site Map with specific portals to numerous other of my pages. Furthermore, new material is continuously added as well as formatting improvements to the older pages to make them more user-friendly. I have tried to separate the informational and educational sections of this website from the more technical, scientific reports. This website has been prepared for public information, as a community service, and in support of other Internet sites dealing with the same subjects. My website also includes pages on some of my Miscellaneous Writings on other technical and no-technical subjects I have been interested.

I have no institutional sponsor and I am solely responsible for the accuracy of the contents of this website. For your information, for about 35 years, I was involved with Tsunami Research at the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics of the University of Hawaii and with scientific organizations of the U. S. Government and also served as Director of the World Data Center A-Tsunami, as Director of the International Tsunami Information Center (ITIC) (under the auspices of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO and as Tsunami Advisor for the State of Hawaii’s Civil Defense.

As Oceanographer of the U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers, New York District, I conducted multidisciplinary environmental studies of the effects of ocean dumping in the New York Bight, using deep diving submersibles and surface vessels. As Oceanographer of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Coastal Engineering Research Center (CERC) in Washington D.C., I assisted as consultant the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on nuclear plant sitting, on evaluation of hurricanes and hurricane surge effects on nuclear power plants, on reviews of Environmental impact statements, on the development and application of mathematical models and on other varied assignments. As member of the American Nuclear Society, I co-authored the Society’s National Environmental Standards for Nuclear Power Plants, safety, and sitting, and participated at hearings of the President’s Council on Environmental Quality. As Chief Scientist and Consultant to UNDP (United Nations Development Program) on South America, Southwest Pacific and Southeast Asia Missions, I helped develop regional plans for disaster mitigation, the establishment of Regional Tsunami Warning Systems and prepared master plans for the development and implementation of warning systems, as well as proposals for U.N. funding. As consultant to UNESCO and as member of a Special Committee, I helped develop and prepare a program of implementation for the Secretary General of the United Nations on the International Decade for Natural Disaster Mitigation (IDNDR). As Consultant to the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission / Marine Sciences Section of UNESCO and UNDRO (United Nations Disaster Relief Organization), in Geneva, I assisted in establishing special training programs in developing countries in South America and other countries bordering the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Additionally, I served as consultant to other United Nations scientific organizations, several international governmental and non-governmental organizations and to private industry (see brief bio-summary & writings and publications.). I was co-founder and officer of two scientific organizations: The Tsunami Society and the International Hazards Society. I am presently President of the Tsunami Society International and serve as Editor of its International Journal “SCIENCE OF TSUNAMI HAZARDS”.