On Time and Experience

Time by itself is amorphous and inconsequential.
Relating Time to conscious experience makes Time meaningful -
on this planet.

But Time can exist independently of conscious experience,
and conscious experience can only exist in Time,
in the same way that ordinary natural objects are thought to exist in Time.

However duration and substance of conscious experience
are subject to perception and intellect.
Conscious experience is ephemeral because life itself is ephemeral,
a mere instant in the dimension we have defined as "Time".

Conscious experience is associated with living forms.
But real conscious experience is the prerogative of higher thinking species,
such as man.

For all other lesser species Time is inconsequential.
For them Time assumes importance
only when a life threatening situation arises.
Then survival becomes the measure of Time;
extending life beyond destruction by predator.

And such experiences,
for such moments of Time,
become ingrained in memory and instinct
and become part of "Evolution".

For man that too holds true.
Consciousness returns in man after instinctive survival preserves life.
For processes of survival,
Time is unmeasurable and inconsequential.
It is Time at random gained or lost ,
not Time by design.

There is no design in the Universe,
just structured chaos, black holes, ever increasing Entropy.
An ever expanding Universe of cosmic dust
with no obvious beginning, end, or purpose.

With such assumptions, therefore,
of no beginning or end,
Time cannot exist in the Universe
and be related to "Space" or to consciousness,
unless one accepts a concept of "Creation" and of a Creator named "God".

Because then,
Time has a beginning starting with a so-called "Big Bang",
or with a human tale of "Genesis",
or with some other arbitrary "Zero-Point" of an "Event" on this planet.

the Time-invention is woven into recent stories
of human subjective experiences and happenings,
invented by man only,
in his attempt to define himself
and to assert his ill-conceived idea of importance
and of this Earth
being the "Center"
of his visible Universe of dust.

Man-made Time becomes the scale relating
recent tales and creative renditions
-depending on who is writing them-
of distorted human events named "History";

Mostly accounts justifying or glorifying
the ultimate failures of human communication.
Shelf-righteous accounts, disguising,
with concepts of "patriotism" and dosages of ever-changing "political ideologies",
Man's greed and savage inhumanity to members of his/her own species,
the mass executions and murders of fellow "Homo Sapiens",
in so called "Wars".

Time is used to describe
some other forms of consciousness called "Religions";
frequently contradicting,
dogmas of God-concepts
brought about by social evolution
for ultimate dominance of a few over many;
exploiting perceptions of life, guilt, hope, fears of death,
as conceived by varying intelligence, gross assessments , blind faith,
and erroneous conclusions about another false measure of Time named "Eternity",
some form of after-death human consciousness continues,
at a higher ethereal plane.

for an individual in the human species who is born
on this tiny particle of cosmic dust named "Earth",
and achieves some awareness of the temporal features of life,
first as a child, later as an adult,
consciousness of Time and awareness of temporal entities set in
within the Time of his lifespan,
and such ingrained dogmas of "Human Culture"
become essential components of his being and living,
the controlled processes and dictated patterns of social evolution.

A predetermined brain- washing process, you might say,

becoming indistinguishable from instinct,
discouraging man to think for himself
for fear of retribution or non-acceptance,
by the few in power,
and allowing him to compensate for fears
of ultimate "Nothingness".

Independently then,
real Time,
Time in the present,
becomes necessary to explain the experiences of this temporal passage,
within the strict and narrow boundaries of the dictates of "social structure".

Ingrained in both language and such controlled means and communication,
Human existence, thus,
has special temporal features of its own
in addition to those shared with other entities,
to give life "meaning" through use and measure of Time
within such confines.

Thus, Man's Time consciousness,
and the conscious exercise of power and personal identity through Time,
require that any part of his human existence or experience be defined and redifined,
as dictated by evolution and such social norms,
As reaching across to past and future.

For conscious living requires a measurable scale of Time
and Time consciousness, however defined.
Only for such human processes,
Time becomes important.

Thus, Time is nothing more than a human invention,
an artificial measure tied to the human biological clock,
and the planetary cycles of a tiny solar system, in a small galaxy,
this galaxy,
simply relate the conscious experiences of life,
or predetermined experiences of life,
until life,
conscious, ephemeral, human life,
becomes extinct on this planet ,
on this galaxy, only,
This Milky Way,
of countless stellar constellations
spiraling also towards their own death and unltimate Disappearance,
below "Event Horizons"
of ultimate "Black Holes".

For other galaxies,
if there is no conscious life,
Time has no consciousness,
because there is no conscious experience to invent and define Time,
and then relate to it.
Thus, the human invention we call "Time"
is an arbitrary concept.

In the Universe,
Time has no meaning,
or end.

Time is amorphous and inconsequential.

© 2000 George Pararas-Carayannis



Time is amorphous and inconsequential - Time does not exist.

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