Three Days In Summer

On the sea, on the great beautiful sea,
The day passed without thoughts,
The night without dreams.

In the morning of the second day,
The charriot of the sun rose again,
Behind the mountains of the island,

Touched with its gold, the trees, the fountains,
The waters of the rivers - the mountain valleys,
Filled our chests with love and genuine pride,
And brought memories of carefree childhood.

In the afternoon, diamonds of rain
Washed our faces, and mixed with a few tears,
Gave birth to rainbows, with strange irridescent colors,
Then later, much later,
When passions filled our bodies and our hearts,
With light blue visions,
When the hours were spent unconsiously,
We counted the whispers of the night,
The lights of the distant city,
Then watched the moon descend
to it's final resting place.

In the morning of the third day,

We watched again the rising triumph of the sun,
The seaward flight of the seagulls,
The last few stars lost in daydreaming skies,
Then, before the miracle had a chance to disappear,
We said good bye to the blue gardens
To the mountains,
To the red roses, to the caves by the sea,
We kisssed the scarlet lips of our lover,
Then, without a word,
Without even turning our heads,
We walked away alone,



© 2000 George Pararas-Carayannis

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