Shameless Beauty


They awoke in the dim light of dawn
No one saw her arrival
Or, knew where she came from
Or, how she got there

"She came during the night", one remarked

Shrouded in mystery as thick as the heavy grey mantle she wore
She seemed to gracefully settled down as if for a long wait

"But, who does she wait for?", they questioned

The outline of her figure was concealed save for the gentle
Slope of her back
Her features were barely discernible under the hood which covered most
of her face

"Who is she?", "What is she?", they wanted to know

Her feet, clad in black oversized shoes, could be seen beneath
Her coat
An occasional breeze would reveal a well-turned, white
Stockinqed ankle

She never speaks, as if she is too grand for the rest

Days went on into weeks, and still she remained
Her coat became dingey as she sat there, never moving
It began to tatter from the wear of the elements

"She must have a shady past", was the opinion of one

"She could be exiled royalty", was the thought of another

"But why is she here?", "Will she ever go?", one sniffed

As time went on, she was mostly ignored
Her presence became commonplace to them

One night a heavy wind lifted the coat to reveal the satin
Glow of her shoulder
She made no move to cover herself

"Shameless hussy!", someone hissed

"Ah, if the rest of her is as beautiful!", exclaimed another

"Someone loved her in her prime", remarked a romantic

Renewed rumours, gossip and speculations brought them out their
Day to day boredom of routine comings and goings

She was neither deaf nor blind to the sounds and activity about her
She made no attempt to defend herself, she remained motionless
Still waiting....waiting
He will come
He must

They began to keep a vigil
Someone was always there to watch her
In each of them, a fondness for her kindled
They began to feel her longing and sorrow

"There is nothing we can do for her!", one wept aloud

Then one night, the darkest....most moonless night
A shadowed figure approached her
She felt her dusty coat being gently tugged from around her

Cool, strong hands began to roam her face, her shoulders,
Her spine

She felt aroused inside, but could not move
Gently, expertly, he opened her
She felt him enter her

There was a spark ignited inside of her
Oh, it had been so long!
She purred to life again
They moved together, rolled together
She wrapped herself around him in an eternal embrace
This is what she waited and longed for
This was her ecstacy

In the dawn, they blinked their eyes open
She was gone!

"Oh, my!", "Oh no!", "What has happened to her?",
"Where has she gone?", they cried and exclaimed, and cried

One of them, seeking to unravel the mystery of her Disappearance
Cautiously approached the place where she had lain for so long.
The only clue, the only evidence that she had even been there
Lay on the ground.

Then they all gathered around

Her dusty old coat, laying in a heap, was stained and soiled
Aborbing her life fluids of oil and gasoline

She was gone
The void she left could never be filled again

But they knew, somehow, that wherever she had gone, she was


© 2000 George Pararas-Carayannis

The realization of truth is more difficult than its discovery.

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