In "Under a Quicklilver Moon" , International Library of Poetry Book,ISBN-0-7951-5065-2, 2001

Enigmatic memories possess my mind
About the authenticity of existence,

In a baffling environment of allusive parables of past heroic actions.

In reconstructive time,

Beyond the wasteland of forgetfulness,

The mystery of time past, present and future,
I explore,

the threat of meaninglessness
and the possibility of salvation.

In an interim sea of consciousness,

In a region where nothingness mostly reigns,

In a world of alleged goodness and moral rectitude,
and religious meanings of transparent concepts of God,

Dispassionately, absurd and selfish thoughts emerge,

Nostalgic images of apocalypse and REDEMPTION.

A new understanding of dream, memory, imagination,
And hope surround me,

Of origin and end,
of self and other,
Of new beginnings.


© 2000 George Pararas-Carayannis

The realization of truth is more difficult than its discovery.

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