You came when I was least expecting you
Feeble memory of life
From the silent dead past,
Blinding me,
Throwing me into confusion once again,
Memory of life separating my world.
Covering again the sky with wrong reflections,
In the forgotten framework of empty, futile days.

Transitory, rhythmical joy of self-deception,
Words, sounds of an irrevocable hour,
Illegitimate dreams of another era,
Of shipwrecked illusions and multicolored visions,
Voices from moments that have gone,
Beyond yesterday - beyond tomorrow,
Throwing ambiguities at the present,
Vague hints of other possible outcomes,
Of summer promises and rising passions,
Images of suns shinning bright on golden cities.
Arrays of longings, erotic encounters,
Ephemeral dreams of joyous nights,
Trivial imitations of reality.
Feeble memory of life past,
You came,
Shouting my name,

When I was least expecting you.



© 2000 George Pararas-Carayannis

The realization of truth is more difficult than its discovery.

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