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Welcome to the website of "LELA CARAYANNIS - BOYBOYLINA", 1941-1945 Resistance & Inteligence National Greek Organization, recognized and approved by the Greek Parliament by Law A.M. NOM. 971/1949 & by Law 1285/1982 and registered with the Greek Ministry of Defense.

The "LELA CARAYANNIS - BOYBOYLINA", 1941-1945 Resistance & Inteligence National Greek Organization preserves officially the memory of Greece's legendary national heroine, Lela Carayanni (Karagianni), an exceptional woman who build the most significant resistance organization in the Balcans during Greece's occupation in World War II, when black veils of Nazism and Fascism fell upon the azure shores of her country. Lela begun her Bouboulina Resistance Organization in 1941 to fight Nazi aggression, the occupation of Greece and to help Allied Forces in the Middle East.

After four years of action against the Nazis, Lela Carayannis and five of her children were arrested and tortured by the Gestapo at the infamous Merlin Street facility in Athens. The older son, George, after being severely tortured, managed to escape to the mountains and join guerilla forces until the end of the war. All others were imprisoned at the Xaidari concentration camp near Athens, where the interrogations and torture continued. Lela Carayannis was executed on September 8, 1944 with 71 other resistance fighters - only two weeks before the retreat of German troops from occupied Greece. The story of Lela Carayannis' leadership of the Bouboulina organization and of her tragic end is provided in another page of this website.

Surviving resistance fighters continued to identify with the Group until the Greek National Organization was established officially by the government in the post World War II era. Lela Carayannis' sons, George and Byron assumed leadership along with other members of the family. After Byron's death, George Carayannis, the only surviving son became the President of the National Organization.

For your information, the "Bouboulina - Lela Carayannis" Resistance Organization, established by Lela Carayannis herself originally in 1941, is the only registered national organization, officially recognized to this day by the Greek Government and its ministries. The principal mandate of the Organization is to preserve Lela's memory, to make known her heroism and love of country that led to her cruel torture and execution. The present Governing Council of the national organization is composed of remaining members of the family, surviving World War II resistance fighers and of distinguished Greek citizens. The annual memorial services honoring heroine Lela Carayanni in diferent parts of the coutnry are attended by members of patriot organizations and representatives of the armed forces and of the governent.

Unfortunately, on January 18, 2010, the President of the Organization, Mr. George Carayannis, the heroic son of Lela Carayannis, died. Mrs. Eleni Carayannis Komnimatou, the daughter of the heroine and only one left of her children, is the Honorary President of the Organization. Ioanna Carayannis, daughter of George Carayannis, is the new President. The new Governing Council is composed presently of the following people:

President - Ms. Ioanna Carayannis (granddaughter of the heroine).

1st Vice President - Admiral Alexandros Papadogkonas (Retired, Minister)

2nd Vice President - Mr. Spyridon Kinias (Retired diplomat)

Mr. Tryfon Zaharopoulos (Prominent attorney)

Mr. Petros Aggelopoulos,

Mrs. Helga Carayanni (wife of the late George Carayannis)

Mr. Apostolos Santa (lowered German flag from Acropolis and raised the Greek flag)


Dr. George Pararas-Carayannis (International representative of the Organization)





Dr. George Pararas-Carayannis




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