Cetacean Death

Sirens of glory in the mist,

great beauties of Creation,

floating, diving, splashing, dreaming,

giving life power,

balancing oceans, with curving fins,

singing songs forbidden, in noisy perfection,

in stormy, aquamarine seas,

precariously living.


Elegant mammals of liquid space,

star lighted shapes breaching,

flapping the air with sea wings,

reaching toward azure skies,

on moving waters always traveling

toward crescent, glacial, icy shores,

in perpetual sea quests,

in course, unending.


Vanishing children of the sea,

phantoms of past irreplaceable,

hiding visions of pain desperate,

minds on fire with memories burning,

scars buried, ancient wounds glaring,

and dreams harpooned,

to silken black. abyssal nothingness


Eternity now opens new doors,

new hints of suns to disappear,

boom box - death box, sounds raging,

circles of death pulling from center,

fireworks sounding, exploding in water,

sounds descending on future carcasses,

in curving space of time and sea,

in a world vanishing at sunset,

dragons swirling in the mist,

twisting, moaning, crying,

great mystics dying, ending.


Boom box - death box,

deafening web of sounds yet unheard,

intensities of death wrapping around tidal flows,

from mouths of underwater volcanoes,

rivers of sound carrying carcasses, of drowned life,

to long dark trenches.

where now only shadows flow,

in catatonic silence

giant fins, never again to break the surface.


Sirens of glory in the mist,

great beauties of Creation,

elegant mammals of the sea,

dominant species of liquid space,

great, Cetacean mystics of inner space

star lighted remnants of life continuing to be,

far away now in time and space,


Swim clear from this day's eclipse


George Pararas-Carayannis, March 1997


© 2000 George Pararas-Carayannis

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