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A Sterling Silver Collection


George Pararas-Carayannis


My interest in luxury cars begun in 1977 when I purchased my first Rolls Royce. It was a year-old, 1976 Silver Shadow. I was truly impressed by the Rolls Royce engineering and the car's comfort and performance. Later that year someone from Los Angeles offered to sell me a 1932 Phantom II, Sedanca De Ville, Rolls Royce and showed me photos of the car. The car had a long documented history and was named "Duke of Winsdor". According to the records presented to me, the Phantom II was one of only 12 such cars manufactured by the Rolls Royce Company in that year. Furthermore, the car was a special order placed in 1931 by Lord Louis Barron, the Chairman of the Board of the giant cigarette company "Carrera", for the use of Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, Prince of Wales, heir to the throne of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - who later became King of England known as Edward the VIII but who, in 1935, abdicated the throne to marry Mrs. Simpson - an American.

Shortly after meeting this fellow in Honolulu, I flew to Los Angeles to look at the car and immediately fell in love with it, purchased it and had it shipped to Hawaii. At the time I had no idea what I was getting into in trying to restore a 40+ year old antique car to its original pristine condition. Fortunately people that knew a lot more than I did came to my rescue. One of them was a judge of the Rolls Royce Owners Club in Mechanisburg, Pa. Another one was a Chemistry professor at the Univeristy of Hawaii - who was a collector and very knowledgable about the Phantom II. Finally, a University student from Sri Lanka who was helping me at my house, had worked in his country at a garage that specialized in repairs of Rolls Royces. The young fellow got the job of coordinating the three year restoration project of the Phantom II - but that's another story.

My 1932 Phantom II, Sedanca De Ville, Rolls Royce fully restored (used for a wedding in Honolulu) and Damike, my Sri Lankan driver/mechanic.

My interest in antique cars continued and in subsequent years I purchased a 1939 Silver Wraith, Rolls Royce and a two - door Convertible 1974 Corniche Rolls. Indeed I must have been a glutton for punishment and the expenses of maintaining them were great. Then, I decided to become somewhat more practical, so I started collecting miniature replicas of old cars instead (a much better hobby since these were easier to store and they had no need for maintenance). While I was on vacation in Europe I found in Cordova, Spain a silversmithing Company that could fabricate a replica of any old car I wanted, in pure sterling silver. Immediately, I placed an order. Below is my part of my collection of some of the silver replicas of antique cars that had impressed me the most for their engineering and their past popularity. So, here are some of them.

1913 Cadillac

The Cadillac company started out as the Henry Ford Company in 1901 founded by the famous Henry Ford. V ery soon after Ford left to enter motor racing. One of the conditions for him leaving was that the name of the company be changed - to Cadillac. The following are exact sterling silver replicas of the 1913 Cadillac.





1928 Mercedes Benz SS Coupe

In 1928 the Mercedes Car Company begun the fabriacation of the SS (short for Super Sports) and SSKL series The SS had a 7.1 litre 225 bhp engine. The following are sterling silver replicas of the 1928 versions of the Mercedes automobile.





1930 Packard Victoria

The 1930 Packard Victoria was one of the most expensive cars available in the USA at the time. It was a wonderfully engineered car.





1930 Duesenberg

The 1930 Duesenberg was considered to be the "King of American Classics." It was a very expensive and very powerfull motorcar built in Indianapolis, Indiana. It had a straight 8 Lycoming engine and could reach a top speed of 186.7 kph / 116.0 mph





1934 Riley

The 1933 Kestrel 9 was a small fastbacked 4-door motorcar, with twin carburettor sports engine. It stayed in production until 1936 when it was effectively replaced by the Kestrel 112. The car was typical of Riley models at the time, with Aluminium panels stretched over a timber bodyframe. The interior was well trimmed with leather upholstery, thick carpeting and plenty of Walnut veneer. The Kestrel was easily identifiable from the front, with it's twin horns.




1936 Hispano-Suiza

The 1936 Hispano-Suiza was another exotic, and massive motorcar which had Spanish origins but was built in France.

1937 Stutz Bearcat


1938 Lagonda Drophead Coupe

This 1938 Lagonda was an extremely fast and luxurious motor car designed by W. O. Bentley. The flowing lines and the helmet like spare wheel carriers are typical of Lagondas produced in the late 1930s.



1938 JAGUAR SS 100

The Jaguar SS Series was released at the 1938 London Motor Show. It was a two-seater coupe version of their SS 100 car. It featured rounded wings, enclosed rear wheels and a flowint tail.




1945 MG TC

The MG TC series was the most successful ever produced by Morris Garages (MG) It enjoyed immense international popularity when it was introduced in 1945. The TC was a two-seater sports car. It had a four cylinder in-line engine that delivered 54 bhp and accelerated the car to 125 km/h.


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